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Overdose affects each and every community.

This reality is particularly difficult to accept because overdose is preventable through Substance Use Disorder treatment and broad education coalitions that target community members and professionals who are proximal to the problem. This application contains information about every overdose death in participating counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in close-to-real-time.

This application contains a series of graphs, charts, and maps display, in close-to-real time, how each county is affected by the overdose epidemic in Pennsylvania.

The data is reported directly from the Coroner's Office in each participating county.

Click on your county or region to find how overdose is affecting your community. Depending on your system and the data set selected, please have patience while the data is loaded. will only take a few seconds.

The website is paid for by Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.

Read this important information first for an explanation of the data contained in this database

Source: The overdose death data on OverdoseFreePA is submitted by county coroner and medical examiner’s offices from around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Lag Time: The process for qualifying a death as an overdose takes time. The gap in time between when a death occurs and when a death is certified can be weeks, or even months. Records are added to the OverdoseFreePA database only after the death is certified. Many offices add records almost daily, but others submit monthly.

Content: The database contains only records where the death was determined to be the result of an unintentional overdose, oftentimes referred to as accidental. Certification of a death as an overdose is based upon the information that is available to the coroner or medical examiner at the time, i.e. evidence at the scene, toxicology analysis, autopsy, etc. Even after a death is certified, advances in understanding of post-mortem toxicology or other factors may result in a revision to the data in the database by the coroner. All content, including revisions, is posted following approval by the coroner.

If you would like more detail on the data collected and how the deaths are classified, please visit our Understanding Management of Overdose Death Data page.

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