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What is the Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

The Pennsylvania Heroin Overdose Prevention Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will be the first ever resource and technical assistance hub for all counties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Based out of the Program Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, the TAC will assist counties and communities in planning, developing, implementing, and sustaining community-based initiative for reducing overdose throughout Pennsylvania.



Our County Coalition Training Sessions

The TAC provides tailored, multi-disciplinary County Coalition daylong trainings to help coalitions identify the best evidence-based program to integrate into their community. We utilize a series of four frameworks to create an interactive, comprehensive, and organizational health driven presentation that focuses on providing coalitions the necessary tools they will need as they work on creating their plan to decrease the number of overdoses in their community. 

The overdose epidemic affects everyone. It requires a multi-faceted, community-based approach across all sectors.

Each community in Pennsylvania is unique and has different needs.

We, at the TAC, focus on embracing these differences and integrate them into known evidence-based programs to help create a successful program within each community to combat the overdose epidemic. Each county that goes through the trainings is given personalized, concierge-style technical assistance on a vast array of topics. We are here to help each coalition as they progress through the different phases of implementing a program. 

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