Other Resources

Transportation services can be found at: http://www.dhs.pa.gov/citizens/findfacilsandlocs/countyassistanceofficecontactinformation/ 211 (www.pa211.org) can be called and used to connect individuals to a variety of resources, including food, clothing, housing, utilities, and others. An individual can call 211 or visit the website. Halfway houses are a DDAP recognized level of care and provide individuals with drug and alcohol treatment. […]

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Applying for Insurance and Accessing Primary Care and Mental Health Services

Patients can apply for insurance by accessing the following: https://www.compass.state.pa.us/compass.web/Public/CMPHome If an individual is requiring further assistance with this process they can contact their local SCA or Center of Excellence Program. If the individual would like to get connected to primary care or mental health services, it is advised that the individual call the number […]

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What Information Should I ask Treatment Facilities?

Choosing a treatment facility is a big decision for the individual and family. Each treatment facility will offer different resources and programs. Listed below are questions that should be considered by individuals and families when seeking out treatment: Admission Criteria and Insurance What insurance do you take? Is there a deductible? How long is your […]

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How do I get into Treatment?

Treatment services are available throughout Pennsylvania and in neighboring states. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a list of all treatment facilities within the Commonwealth and neighboring states. This can be accessed here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ Please note, that the eligibility requirements for accessing treatment will depend on the patient’s insurance. Center of […]

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Who Coordinates Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) is responsible for the management and distribution of federal and state funds for drug and alcohol abuse prevention, intervention and treatment. The mission of DDAP is to “…engage, coordinate and lead the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s effort to prevent and reduce drug, alcohol and gambling addiction and […]

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