Vision: Eliminate Overdoses in Clinton County

Vision: Eliminate Overdoses in Clinton County

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The Clinton County CJAB Substance Abuse Subcommittee was formed in September 2017 to address rise of opioid overdoses in Clinton County. Coalition members identified five priorities subjects to focus their efforts on over the first three years of coalition work:
  • Priority 1: Ensure that all residents of Clinton County are well-informed on overdose, signs of a Substance/Opioid Use Disorder (SUD/OUD), treatment options, and recovery programs available throughout the community with the purpose of eliminating stigma throughout the county.
  • Priority 2: Empower professionals to promote the health, safety, and well-being of persons at high risk for an overdose and/or with SUD/OUD or an active addition.
  • Priority 3: Ensure that every person in Clinton County has access to treatment at the appropriate level of care, including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and any special needs associated with their care.
  • Priority 4: Decrease the supply of illicit opioids in Clinton County.
  • Priority 5: Increase coordination between county agencies, bridging the gap between public safety and public health services to create a methodical, patient first system in Clinton County.

Recent Projects

Workforce Education and Awareness

In 2018, coalition members hosted a workforce education event to explain the impact of substance use disorders on the workforce. Some highlights included:

  • Showing the cost of substance use in the workplace by using the Substance Use Employer Calculator provided by the National Safety Council (NSC)
    • This calculator is available here
  • Demonstrating the cost-saving potential of employing individuals in recovery due to their lower rate of turnover and work absences (according to the NSC)
  • Sharing strategies for employers to incorporate to improve the substance use awareness in their facilities, such as:
    • Understanding the signs of Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
    • Understanding the signs of an overdose and knowing how to react to such an event
    • Ensuring employees have access to a useful Employee Assistance Program
    • Being aware on local resources and sharing this information with employees
    • Having an open conversation about SUD based on facts to help reduce stigma


Pharmacist Education

Coalition members began planning efforts in 2018 to facilitate a training webinar event for pharmacists in Lycoming and Clinton County.
The one-hour event is designed to share evidence-based information related to opioid overdose prevention and ways in which pharmacists help, such as:

  • Knowing the most recent statistics related to overdoses
  • Being able to quickly recognize the signs of an overdose event
  • Understanding and following the current regulations related to dispensing naloxone
  • Understanding the facts and details of treatment options (naloxone, buprenorphine, and methadone)
  • Incorporating patient education techniques to empower patients in their own treatment
  • Prescribing treatment drugs in a responsible, legal manner

Narcan Training

Coalition members have provided a reoccurring presentation to community members to provide basic education on the details, and use, of Narcan, a common brand name form of the overdose reversal drug Naloxone. Below is a summary of the information provided during the in-person training. If interested in attending a presentation, please check the Upcoming Events above, or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

View Online Narcan Training Here

What are opioids

  • Opioids are narcotic pain medications that cover pain receptors to reduce pain
  • Examples include heroin, morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and methadone

Opioid Side Effects

  • Due to their interaction with pain receptors in the brain, opioids may lead to a physical dependency and/or addiction
  • Opioids can cause a decrease in respiratory rate, eventually causing breathing to stop completely
    • This may be accompanied by pale or blue lips and skin

What is Narcan

  • Narcan is a common brand name of the reversal agent naloxone
  • It is used when a person is suspected to have an overdose of narcotic medications, indicated by slow or discontinued breathing
  • Narcan takes effect within seconds and can reverse the effects of an overdose

How does Narcan Work

  • Narcan works by removing opioids from the opioid receptors in the brain and blocking the effects of the opioids
  • While it is effective in removing opioids from their receptors, Narcan can wear off much faster then opioids, causing the individual to require a second dose
  • Once Narcan is administered, the individual’s breathing should return and stabilize
  • The reversal can cause irritability and violent behavior, so the individual should be monitored closely

Administering Narcan

  • Narcan can be administered via an intranasal spray, or through an intramuscular injection
  • The injection can be given in the upper arm, side of the thigh, or into the buttocks
  • Nasal Spray Administration
    • Spray approximately half of a dose into each nostril
    • The cone-shaped tip forces liquid Narcan out of the syringe as a mist
    • Each box of Narcan from a pharmacy will include two nasal spray doses

How long does Narcan last

  • Each dose of Narcan will last approximately 30 minutes
  • However, a second dose can be administered as soon as 3 minutes after the initial dose

What to do After Administering Narcan

  • Call 911
  • Monitor breathing
  • If the individual is still not breathing, give 1 breath every 6 seconds
  • Administer a second dose if needed after 3 minutes
    • If someone is able to, set a 3 minute timer with an alarm when the first dose is administered

Medication Take Back Week

Coalition members helped to organize and facilitate a Clinton County Prescription Drug Take Back Week from October 22 to October 26, 2018 in recognition of the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. This multi-day event provided community members with a safe way to dispose on unneeded prescription drugs at four different locations in Clinton County.

If you have unneeded prescription drugs, you can take a look at the upcoming events above for any drug take back days or find a permanent drug take back box location near you through at this link.
Med Return Poster Clinton County FINAL


Food, Clothing and Shelter

The Women’s Center

34 W. Main St., Lock Haven, PA

570-748-9539 or 570-923-2270

Houses victims (men and women) of Domestic Violence for up to 30 days in a 6 month period. We offer options for victims/survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

McElhattan United Methodist
502 McElhattan Dr.
McElhattan, PA 17748
Service Times: Sunday, 9:00AM (Sunday School), Sunday, 10:00AM (Sunday Worship)

Bald Eagle United Presbyterian Church
111 Main St. Mill Hall, PA 17751

The Love Center and Soup Kitchen
229 South Broad Street
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Love Center helps to alleviate some of the misery for those that find themselves in emergency situations such as near homelessness, lack of food and adequate clothing, utility shut-off notice etc. The Love Center also operates a soup kitchen Monday through Friday serving a hot meal between 11:00am to 12:45pm. A food pantry provides individuals and families with a 3-day emergency supply of groceries.

  • All ages welcome
  • No eligibility requirements


Salvation Army Stores
457 Market St.
Williamsport, PA 17701

119 East Church St.
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Shoe Bank/Kid’s Closet
3rd Sat. of the month 11am-2pm
44 West Main St.
Lock Haven, PA

Children of families with a PA access card are eligible for a new pair of sneakers, a pair of socks and a couple of books at no cost.

Central PA Food Bank

More Than Bread Soup Kitchen
119 East Church Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Lock Haven Assembly of God
320 Hogan Boulevard
Mill Hall, PA 17751

Renovo Council of Churches
Trinity Episcopal Church
147 St. Clair Avenue
Renovo, PA 17764

Clinton County Assistance Office
300 Bellefonte Ave Suit 101
Lock Haven, Pa 17745
570-748-2971 or 1-800-820-4159

Life Center Shelter Program

The Life Center Homeless Shelter is a program of the Clinton County Housing Coalition. The Life Center will help build stable and self-sufficient families and individuals by providing temporary shelter and life skills development through comprehensive and specific case management. Clients participate in programming focusing on improving seven major areas: vocational training, workplace skills, substance abuse counseling, interpersonal skill building, parenting, budgeting, and independent living skills

The Life Center now has a 4-bed sleep shelter for men called the Merit House. No participation in any of the shelter programs is required to stay here.

330 E. Main St., Lock Haven, Pa 17745

Life Center Rental Assistance Program

The Life Center administers the ESG (Emergency Solutions Grant) and offers two types of assistance. Both have stringent financial income and rent reasonableness guidelines. The first is Homelessness Prevention. This offers rental assistance to clients facing an eviction. It can pay up to 6 months of arrears. It can also pay current rent for those with a need for continued assistance. The second is Rapid Re-Housing. This assistance is for those who are displaced or homeless due to an economic downturn, disability, etc. The funding can help with a security deposit, first month rent, and continued rental assistance if necessary. The ESG grant is pending continued renewal and is not a guarantee.

330 E. Main St., Lock Haven, Pa 17745


PPL – 1-800-342-5775

STEP Outreach – 570-327-5485

Provides assistance with fuel, housing, and transport services.

Hours: 9:00AM – 5:00PM Monday-Friday


UGI Utilities Inc. – 1-888-876-4394

PPL Gas – 1-800-652-0550

24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-652-0550

Safelink Wireless

Free cell phone for those financially eligible
68 free minutes per month
Apply online at
Enrollment and plan changes support: 1-800-723-3546

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Assists low income families with paying their heating bills; assistance is provided in the form of a cash grant sent directly to the utility company or a crisis grant for households in immediate danger of being without heat. Customers do not need to have an unpaid bill to qualify and do not need to be public assistance recipients.

Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 7:30AM – 5:00PM
Address: 400 Little League Boulevard, Williamsport
Contact: 570-327-3497

STEP OnTrack

A special payment plan for income-eligible customers who are struggling with their electric bills.
While enrolled and following program guidelines, you’re protected from having your electric service disconnected.

Lycoming County: 570-326-0587
2138 Lincoln St.
Williamsport, PA 17701

Clinton County: 570-858-5800
124 E Walnut St.
Lock Haven PA 17745


Clinton County United Way

220 N. Jay St.
Lock Haven PA 17745

Southern Clinton County Association of Christian Churches

Assistance with rent, electric, water and heat.
Zelma Lang


Skills of Central PA

Offers employment services for individuals 18 and older.
Covers Clinton, Lycoming and Centre counties
341 Science Park Road
State College, PA 16803

Career Link (Clinton County)

PA CareerLink ® of Clinton County
8 North Grove Street, Suite F
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Office Hours:
Monday and Thursday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
(Other times by appointment.)

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

For Clinton and Lycoming County residents
The Grit Building Suite 102
208 W Third Street
Williamsport PA
Provides individualized vocational rehabilitation services both directly and through a network of approved vendors to help persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment.

Behavioral/Mental Health

Lycoming/Clinton MH/ID/ Joinder Human Services

Intellectual Disabilities:

Provides a variety of services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with living and working in their home communities. Support services offered by the Lycoming-Clinton Intellectual Disabilities Program are based in the local community and encourage active participation by individuals, their families, friends, and neighbors.
Services include:

  • Residential and in-home care
  • Vocational and employment services
  • Housing Enhancement Program
  • Family support and specialized therapies
  • Specialized early intervention services for children from birth to age 3 who have a developmental delay

Mental Health:

Mental Health services are primarily available for adults with a serious mental illness and children/adolescents with or “at risk” of developing a serious emotional disturbance. Contact the office for information and referral services. We also provide 24-hour crisis intervention services.

Early Intervention:

Early Intervention is a no cost program for children birth to three who have been identified with special needs and meet the eligibility requirements. This program is designed to help families better meet the needs of their child. Through a family training model services are provided in the child’s natural environment with the active participation of their parents and other caregivers. These services can include: home based instruction, physical, occupational and speech therapies, case management services and tracking (monitoring a child’s development.)

Sharwell Bldg., 200 East Street
Williamsport, PA
Hours of Operation:  Weekdays, 8:00AM – 4:30PM

8 North Grove Street
Lock Haven, PA
Hours of Operation:  Weekdays, 8:00AM – 4:30PM

*The above listed contact numbers can be used as a crisis hotline for individuals in time of mental health crisis.

The Special Education ConsultLine

Information for families and advocates of children with special needs

Crossroads Counseling

Provides individual and group counseling for D & A issues, provides domestic violence program for men (Batterers Intervention Program), Peer Support and Wellness Programing. Also available is a Certified Recovery Specialist. Provides an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (in schools – Dickey, Liberty, Bucktail, Renovo, CMMS, Mill Hall, Woodward, Robb, CMHS) and in office, MH Child Partial program Psychological testing and Tele psychiatry services and Wellness Programming.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM – 9:00PM ; Friday 8:00AM – 1:00PM

Lycoming County:
501 East Third Street
Williamsport, PA

Clinton County:
8 North Grove Street
Lock Haven, PA

Contact: 570-893-1886

CSG Commerce Park Clubhouse

CSG provides vocational programs for adults whose mental illness has impeded their emotional, social, economic and vocational development. Programs aid individuals in searching for jobs, refining interviewing skills and transitioning into a new job. They focus on working with each person in the setting most comfortable for the individual.
The Commerce Park Clubhouse offers a variety of employment opportunities such as Transitional Employment Positions (TEP), Supported Employment and also provides in-house support for those in Independent Employment. TEP’s and Supported Employment also receive Job Coaching, funded through OVR. Commerce Park Clubhouse has a wide variety of opportunities for members to get involved in everything from cooking to how to use a computer throughout the work day.
The Tower Cafe is a vocational training restaurant operated by Community Services Group.

Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 8:00AM – 4:30PM, second Tuesday of each month until 7:00PM and last Saturday of each month 10:00AM – 2:00PM

Referral #: 877-907-7970

CSG Peer Support

Assists individuals with mental health issues in developing their path to recovery. Individuals work with peer specialists who have been the recipients of mental health services.  Peer specialists assist individuals with basic living skills, support and advocacy, social networks and links to other resources. For ages 18+

Hours of operation: Weekdays 8:00AM to 4:30 pm
Contact Lisa Basci, 570-286-0111 ext. 30016

CSG Clinton County

Providing outpatient mental health services to individuals experiencing emotional, relational, and behavioral problems. Provides a variety of individualized services that support wellness.
Provides Clozaril Services, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and Tele Psychiatry Services. Also provides Outpatient Mental Health in schools (Avis, Salladasburg, Jersey Shore Elem, JSMS, JSHS) including evaluations.

8 North Grove Street
Lock Haven, PA

Crisis Intervention Emergency Services, Lycoming and Clinton

200 East Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

Geisinger Clinic

955 Bellefonte Avenue
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (child)

Hours: Weekdays 7:00AM – 8PM,  Saturday 8AM – 5PM

NHS Pennsylvania:

Community and School Based Behavioral Health Services (CSBBH) in schools (Dickey, Renovo Elementary and Bucktail MS)

Skills of Central Pennsylvania, Inc.

Offers Mobile Psych Rehab & Site Based Psych Rehab.

11 1st Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Clinton & Lycoming County Suicide Crisis Intervention Hotlines:

570-748-2262 (Clinton County)

570-326-7895 (Lycoming County)


Peer Support Groups offered at the Lock Haven Hospital, 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:30PM – 8PM.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment/Services/Support

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Meeting dates and times can be located in the Lock Haven Express. Meeting times can also be found for Narcotics Anonymous here.

24 hour hotline 570-327-2860

Contact: 814-237-3757

Crossroads Counseling (adult and child)

Provides individual and group counseling for D & A issues, including Community Based Adolescent D&A services, provides domestic violence program for men (Batterers Intervention Program), D&A Certified Recovery Specialist, D&A Intensive Outpatient, D&A Partial Program and Buprenorphine Services.

Can serve Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol

Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am-9:00 pm; Friday 8:00 am-2:00 pm

Lycoming County Address: 501 East Third Street, Williamsport

Contact: 570-323-7535

Clinton County Address: 8 N. Grove St., Suite 1, Lock Haven, PA

Contact: 570-893-1886

LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs.

Online Meetings, email lists, e-pals

Contact: 800-811-4142

West Branch Drug and Alcohol Services

Assessments and referrals to:

  • Outpatient Counseling (individual and group)
  • Detox and Rehab
  • Intensive Outpatient Counseling (individual and group)
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Halfway House
  • Inpatient, Non-Hospital Detoxification and Rehabilitation
  • Inpatient, Hospital-Based Detoxification and Rehabilitation
  • Methadone Maintenance
  • D&A Certified Recovery Specialist
  • Medication Assisted Treatment Coordination
  • D&A Case Management

300 Bellefonte Ave

Lock Haven, PA 17745

Contact: 570-367-8670

Emergency 24-Hour Hotline: 888-941-2721

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

24/7 Hotline: 800-479-1563

  • Meeting List and other resources available online

Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital

Smoke Stoppers Classes on Smoking Cessation

Address: 1020 Thompson Street Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Contact: 570-398-0100

UPMC Susquehanna Lock Haven Hospital

Smoking Tobacco Cessation Program

N-O-T (not on tobacco) program is youth based tobacco education cessation program at Keystone Central School district. Participants must be under age of 20.

Address: 24 Cree Dive Lock Haven, PA 17745

Contact: 570-893-5000

Prescription Disposal Box

There is a disposal box located in the entryway of the Garden Building for unused prescription medications to be properly disposed of.

Recovery Community Connection

1400 Market St.

Williamsport, PA 17701

Contact: 272-202-0857

The mission is to develop and mobilize resources that enhance long-term recovery from substance abuse issues, through education, public advocacy, and peer support. The vision is a community where long-term recovery is accurately supported, integrated and nurtured.


8 North Grove Street Suite 4

Lock Haven, PA 17745

Contact: 570-893-1886

Comprehensive Team Approach which consists of a Therapist, nurse and CRS to support integration between physical and behavioral health.

Life Skills

Infant Development Center

980 E. Water St.

Lock Haven, PA


Provides free early intervention services for ages: birth – 5 years.

PACT – parenting program services are free to families in Clinton County

PA CareerLink

8 N. Grove St., Suite F,

Lock Haven, PA


Penn State Cooperative Extension

542 County Farm Rd.

Montoursville, PA


Clinton County – 47 Cooperation Lane,

Mill Hall, PA


Helps individuals, families, businesses and communities throughout PA with information and a broad range of education programs designed to:

  • Support productive, profitable or competitive business and a strong agricultural bond system
  • Strengthen families, children, youth and the elderly
  • Ensure the long-term relationship of PA’s Natural Resources

Skills of Central Pennsylvania

701 Allegheny Street Box 1

Jersey Shore, PA 17739


We work to create opportunities that introduce possibility and hope as a premier health and human services organization. A will to strive to help people living with behavioral health, intellectual development challenges. We work to overcome adversity, promote choice, encourage recovery and give support when the people we work with need it most.

Center for Independent Living of North Central PA (CILNCP)


Clinton County Community Connections, Inc.

10 North Washington Street Suite A.

Lock Haven, PA 17745


Clinton County Children and Youth Social Services

232 East Main Street PO Box 787

Lock Haven, PA 17745


24/7 Hotline: 800-932-0313

Horses of Hope

19 Forest Drive

Po Box 94

Lock Haven, PA 17745


Lycoming-Clinton MHID Joinder (Mental Health Intellectual Disabilities)

8 North Grove Street, Suite A

Lock Haven, PA 17745


Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

  • Clinton County Assistance Office

Address: 300 Bellefonte Ave., Lock Haven, PA

1-800-820-4159 or 570-748-2971

  • Lycoming County Assistance Office

Address: 400 Little League Blvd., Williamsport, PA

570-327-3300 or 1-877-867-4014


AdultBasic (must receive a denial from medical assistance)


Partnership for Prescription Assistance


North Central Sight Service Inc. (NCSS)

2121 Reach Road Williamsport, PA 17701



River Valley Transit


Medical Assistance Transportation Program-STEP

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) is a service available to Medical Assistance consumers in Lycoming/Clinton counties. They must be registered with STEP Transportation Services.
MATP sponsored consumers ride at no charge when being transported for an approved medical purpose and to a medical provider that accepts the PA Access card. MATP is responsible for providing the most cost-effective, appropriate transportation service available to meet the need. Consumers may be directed to use a privately owned vehicle (with mileage reimbursement), River Valley Transit (fixed route) bus, or scheduled to be picked up by a STEP van or taxi.
MATP services can be used to go to medical appointments or to get to any service for which Medical Assistance pays, including:  doctors, therapies, tests, tests, dental visits, trips to the pharmacy  for prescriptions, mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, trips to medical equipment suppliers; transportation to Geisinger Medical Center, Danville is provided five days a week. Please call the office for pick up and return times.

Hours of Operation: Office hours for scheduling transportation appointments 8:00am-5:00pm

Contact: 570-323-7575

Toll Free: 800-222-2468

Taxi Services

  • Billtown Cab – 3575 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, PA – 570-322-2222
  • Jersey Shore Taxi – 570-398-8294
  • Lock Haven Taxi – 14 E. Main St., Lock Haven, PA – 570-893-8294


Divorce Care – Williamsport

The DivorceCare support group offers help and healing for individuals dealing with the hurt of separation and divorce. Each weekly DivorceCare session has two distinct elements: a seminar video focusing on divorce and recovery topics, and a group discussion about the presentation and what is going on in the participants’ lives

$16.00 registration fee, which includes workbook – scholarships are available

Meets Sundays 1830-2030 (no childcare available)

First United Methodist Church, 604 Market St. Williamsport, PA 17701

Contact: Low Anne Barnhart 570-323-5146

Clinton County Housing Authority

The Clinton County Housing Authority administers 457 well maintained Public Housing apartments located in Lock Haven and Renovo.  We also administer 3 Single Room Occupancy apartments in Lock Haven.  Please visit our website for more information or to apply for housing.

369 Linden Circle, Lock Haven


350 Huron Ave

Renovo, PA 17764


Reach Out Mentoring Program (Clinton County, Children and Youth)

2 Piper Way, Suite 200

Lock Haven Pa 17745

570-893-2585 Ext. 1

North Penn Legal Services

Legal advocates for low-income individuals and families. Help people establish eligibility for public benefits, protect themselves from domestic violence, gain access to healthcare and avoid loss of housing due to uninhabitability, eviction or foreclosure.  The following are given priority: enabling families to avoid loss of their home through uninhabitability, eviction or foreclosure; helping families enjoy safe and secure housing whether threatened by ongoing conditions in public or private housing by natural disaster; establishing eligibility for public benefits when someone has lost their job, become disabled or is otherwise unable to obtain employment; assist with domestic violence cases; assist with lack of access to health care; provide legal assistance for those who are vulnerable.

Office Hours: 0830-1200 & 1300-1630 Monday-Friday

25 W. Third St. Suite 400 Penn Tower Building

Williamsport, PA


Toll Free: 800-326-7436

AIDS Resource

Clinton County residents can reach out to either office (Williamsport or State College).  We can meet them in Clinton County at the NCDAC’s office at 8 North Grove Street, Lock Haven, for testing, condoms, case management, etc.  They can call our toll-free number to get in touch with any of our staff (800-773-2437).

Williamsport Office: 570-322-8448

State College Office: 814-272-0818

Homeless Veterans resource:

CEO: Commission on Economic Opportunity

Housing assistance for Veterans

Also for veterans and their families bring evicted to help in emergencies



Community Service Locations

  • Susque View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center: Lock Haven, Pa, 570.748.9377
  • The Love Center: Jersey Shore, Pa, 570-398-1676
  • Salvation Army: Lock Haven, Pa, 570-748-2951
  • Citizen Hose Fire Company: Lock Haven, Pa, 570-748-3593


For more information about the coalition or available resources, please complete the Contact Us form below.

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