Fulton Resources Recovery

Project S.A.A.F.E. (Sustain an Abuse Free Environment) was formed in 2015 after concerns arose about the impact of opioids on the communities in Fulton County. The coalition holds meetings monthly at the Fulton County Medical Center. The Project S.A.A.F.E. Three Year Strategic Plan was developed using the ideas and suggestions that were generated from the coalition. Goals in the strategic plan include: 

  • Reduce stigma in Fulton County to zero by increasing community awareness about addiction, overdose, treatment, and recovery resources.
  • Expand and sustain capacity for treatment and recovery initiatives.
  • Develop and implement a data collection and research plan.
  • Implement a 24/7 warm hand-off.
  • Increase access and utilization naloxone to save lives.
  • Educate individuals and families about addiction and overdose, particularly those at high risk, and all persons in contact with high risk individuals and those with an Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) or addiction.

For more information concerning Project S.A.A.F.E. coalition or for additional resources, please contact Elwood Strait at 717-485-6767 ext 224 or estrait@fcfpinc.org.

Fulton County State Health Nurse

Fulton County’s State Health Nurse, Teresa Leese, provides targeted interventions and services to reduce risks associated with,  and the prevalence of, OUD. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • HIV and Syphilis testing
  • Public health education
  • Consultation and referral

For more information concerning health services and interventions provided, please contact Teresa Leese at 717-485-5137.

Drug Disposal

For any unused, unneeded, or expired drugs: please visit Fulton County’s Sheriff Office for disposal.
For more information, view the flyer attached on the right hand side, or call 717-485-4221. 

PA Get Help Now

The PA Department of Drug and Alcohol can help you find a treatment provider or funding for addiction treatment.
Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Prevention Services

If you or your organization would like to learn more about evidence-based programs and education resources focused on drug and alcohol prevention, contact:

Treatment Resources

Recovery Support Resources

Behavioral Health Resources

Social Services

Grief Support Services

Law Enforcement Resources

Our Partners

Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society
Pennsylvania Dental Association
DEA 360 Strategy
Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association
The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association
Pennsylvania Medical Society