An involved community can make a difference

An involved community can make a difference


Online Overdose Map

Lancaster Overdose Map

The map consists of Lancaster County-Wide Communications data, specifically emergency dispatches/responses to reported overdose incidents, from Jan. 1, 2014, to March 15, 2017. The map is presented as an awareness and prevention tool in the ongoing battle against the national heroin/opioid epidemic.

The incident markings on the map are not categorized by incident severity or type of drug involved in the reported overdose incident. Overdose death incidents are not given distinguished markings. Additionally, it is very likely not all of these reports were in fact active overdose incidents when emergency responders arrived at the location. The map was designed to deliberately exclude and protect the identities of those patients involved and their exact addresses. In moving forward, the map will be updated quarterly with new reports.

The map can be found online at:

Prescription Drug Lock Box Initiative

The District Attorney’s Office has purchased lock boxes for rightful owners of prescription medications in efforts to prevent thefts. Theft of prescription drug abuse has become common in Lancaster County amidst the opioid epidemic where nearly every medication with a label has street value. The lock boxes serve a physical purpose in protecting these medications under combination lock.

The District Attorney’s Office will provide a limited quantity of lock boxes to communities, as supplies allow. Going forward, the office will work with communities that desire to continue the program.


The Lancaster County Crime Prevention Task Force

The Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission

Local Prescription Drug Boxes


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